About Us



BeeSeen SRQ is built on the premise that all businesses need exposure and the more exposure a business has, the more positive of an impact it has on your bottomline. 

Simply put: more exposure = more sales = business growth.

That’s what we do for businesses that partner with us.

BeeSeen SRQ is also built on the idea of providing exposure via relevant, exciting, local news, content, happenings and events in our city that people want to see and read.

In addition, also providing exposure using proven to work, advanced, and expert digital marketing & advertising services.

We also want the residents of Sarasota, as well tourists and visitors, to have a portal where they can discover new things to do around the Sarasota area. As well as discover local businesses that they can patronize frequently.

Sarasota is our part of paradise here in Southwest Florida, and so when you’re looking for things to do here and in the surrounding areas, this is the place to come and learn more.

Want Exposure For Your Business?

If you’re a local business serving the Sarasota area, then you know how MORE exposure can transform a business. Want increased exposure for your business? To find out more, click ‘Get Started’.